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Bengal Info

The Bengal Cat is a new and wonderful breed of domestic cat that is bred to resemble small leopards. Many of us have yearned to own one of the exotic big cats, with their wonderfully luxurious coats and their powerfully graceful build. Imagine, having a beautiful spotted leopard in your living room! But imagine this animal to have the personality of a friendly domestic cat, and be a size that is practical for your home. This is the Bengal Cat

Adult Bengal males generally weigh 12-18 pounds, and the females usually weigh 8-12 pounds.

The Bengal breed was started by Jean Mill and originated from a cross between a domestic cat and the wild Asian Leopard Cat. This species of small wild cat, comparable to the Ocelot or Margay, weighs about 10-15 pounds. By selective breeding for temperament as well as beauty, Bengal cats have evolved into small replicas of their wild ancestors, but have loving dependable personalities.

Kittens are priced based on their features that fit the desired standards of show quality kittens. These naturally exhibit the brightest colors, the clearest coats, contrast and the best patterns with little or no barring (rib-stripes). These look most like the miniature leopards they are meant to resemble. They have long, sleek muscular bodies, relatively small ears, puffy whisker pads, thick tails and light undersides. Unique to the Bengal breed also, is the presence of gold tipped hairs throughout the coat.  This is referred to as the gold "glitter" and is present in the best Bengals.


Bengals are fantastic pets for people who like an active, athletic breed of cat. They are confident and fun! These are the type of cats that literally meet you at the door when you come home and thoroughly enjoy being around adults, children, dogs, etc... Bengals are known to like water, unlike most other breeds of cats. All our Bengals play with the water when I run it in the bathroom or kitchen sink and generally come running anytime they hear water running...including the shower. Some Bengal cats like to go for walks and most Bengals love to play fetch and run on the cat wheel.