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Due to Current Economy PETS discounted 10% off below prices thru 9/2023!
Pet  SBT Bengal kittens  - "SBT" Stud Book Tradition: this is 4th generation and beyond the Asian Leopard Cat

$1500.00 - $2000.00 (In certain cases with exceptional kittens prices may be higher)

Early Generation (F2-F4)

$1800.00 - $2200.00 (In certain cases with exceptional kittens prices may be higher)

Breeder/Show Quality  

$3,000.00 and up (In certain cases with exceptional kittens prices may be higher)

Retired Breeders:

start at $300.00- breeders come with all of their testing paperwork.

Kittens will sometimes be priced out of the given price range based on their individual qualities.
1.Testing of our breeder cats: We test our Breeders for HCM (heart valve testing) every 2 years, Felv (feline leukemia), Fiv (Feline Aids) & parasite testing. P/K deficiency (Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency), PRA
2. We feed our cats high quality food: RAW (ground up whole chickens) Kitty Bloom, the necessary  vitamin/mineral supplement, pumpkin and & Royal Canin Dry Babycat/Mother
3. Our kittens are born and raised in our home so they are well adjusted, socialized and loved


Deposit to hold a kitten: Pet $300 and up, Breeder/Show $700 and up
Deposits are non-refundable.

Health Guarantee

When you Purchase a Kitten from our Cattery, Your Kitten will be Vaccinated, De-Wormed and will come with a 
Health Guarantee and a one Year Genetic Guarantee
We can arrange to meet kitten adopters in Yakima, WA or Hermiston, OR.

Shipping costs range from $375.00 to $500.00 within the United States. Kittens are only shipped during temperate times of the year to ensure their comfort and survival. All kittens receive a health travel check from our licensed veterinarian.

Purchase Contracts
Below are both of our purchase contracts for either Pets or Breeders. Please read though the contracts to understand all of the purchase terms.  A contract will be mailed to you to complete and return with your deposit.

The contracts below are in ADOBE Acrobat PDF versions. If you don't have the FREE Adobe Reader, please visit to download your free copy of the reader.

Right to Sell

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten to any individual based on the information obtained from references/contacts. We take great care placing our kittens in the most loving homes 
where they will receive the care and attention they deserve.